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Astrology Reading +Booklet

Astrology Reading +Booklet

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πŸ“˜ Handmade booklet about your natal astrology

πŸ”­ 75-minute video session


"I've been wanting to read my booklet to my therapist. Reg’s prose is exceptional - buzzy and electric, so ALIVE with the information channeled and deduced."
- G.K. New York

"I am reading through my booklet to get ready for the new year and it is such a fantastic and encouraging way to feel motivated for the year ahead. Thanks again. I just recommended you to a bunch of my friends."
-S.E., Pennsylvania

"I am slowly making my way through this book, and I'm so blown away by the care you took putting this together for me."
-A.B., Missouri

"Thank you SO MUCH. Every word of this resonates with me. Thank you for providing much needed clarity."
-A.S., Michigan

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