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About Reg

I am a Los Angeles-based queer person with a monotone voice who reads astrology charts really well.

My approach to astrology is grounded in modern psychology insights, a personal spiritual framework and traditional astrology techniques.

Every one of us makes an important impact. With astrology we can open a pathway, to strengthen personal agency, imagination, and observation, the qualities unique to each of us, the tools we need to carve out a richer life. And I get a kick out of how damn accurate astrology is.

My primary motivation in life is to connect with people and engineer practical ways to respect ourselves and others. Before I die I would like to leave this human experiment with more tools to increase capacity for integrity and kindness in everyday life. Astrology is an art and science that can improve the way we interconnect and nudge us in the direction of better co-existence.

I have been doing intuitive sessions professionally since 2014, and I have been studying astrology off-and-on for over 20 years. A session with me is refreshingly practical, a special time for you to reflect on who you are in this life. It's not about becoming more zen perfection, or a self-love cheerleading fest. I am an everyday queer, kirkland brand astrologer here to help you live your life the way you want to live it.

In a session, the client leads, and I intuitively point to useful insights, keeping track of the conversation and organizing takeaways into a cohesive narrative with an action-oriented strategy.


I have worked on various public art projects, with plants and healing in the community and taught kids collaborative media projects. I founded a collaborative art project called the Sound Shack in the SF Bay Area, where I programmed interactive media projects that stimulate conversation and play. I also read astrology and tarot on the side, a practice that has always been integrated with nature and human-plant relationships.

In my 30s I was a freelance photographer and videographer for online content, for startups, information house blogs and non-profits. I shot a kids show pilot and several comedy videos, which I showed in art galleries. I am 45 now and have lived in LA for 9 years. I moved out here to focus on comedy and performance, doing live shows several times a week, writing sketches and solo performance shows. I perform an interactive choose-your-own-adventure poetry reading/ live script. I spend a lot of time with plants. I collect seeds throughout the year, which I plant at the beginning of the year and give the seedlings out. Hit me up if you would like me to send you some seeds.

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