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Personalized Astrology Art Package


🎨 Original hand-drawn astrology chart.

📘 Handmade booklet about your personal astrology.

🔭 75-minute video session.

I developed this hand-drawn birth chart as a way to make astrology accessible to everyone. This astrology chart drawing is a portrait of you, cast by the art, science and mystery tradition of astrology.

"I just received the chart, I'm obsessed!!"
-B.W., New Mexico

"Seriously getting my chart done by Reg was a life-changing experience. Highly recommend this as a gift."
-J.A., California

"Reg, I got your beautiful package! Thank you so much! Thank you for your kind words and thoughfulness."
-S.E., Pennsylvania

"All the time and care and creativity that you offer me in these words. I love all the *me* you see and help me see in these pictures and words. Your ability to cut straight to the core of a thing, your deceptively salt of the earth wisdom, your humor. I just sat here on my dining room floor and standing in the kitchen and curled on the couch feeling so exposed and so cared for and so tender."
-V. R., Rhode Island

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