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Astrology Reading

Astrology Reading


🔭 75-minute astrology reading for yourself, or as a gift for a special person in your life.

During your session, we will look at your natal chart and how upcoming transits may affect you. You can decide the focus of your reading.


"Thank you for such a heartfelt and passionate session, it was such a blast! Your humor makes it all the more fun and digestible, too."
-E.F., California

"It was wonderful to meet you and to hear my chart from you. I hope you realize that this was my first time. So it feels very special."
-K.E., Tehran, Iran

"Talking with you was illuminating and helped me so much. I am attracted to astrology because of the perspective it can offer and you just provided that in the best way."
-P.H., California

"Ever since the reading last week, I have felt shifted and settled in an incredible way. One of the most immediately powerful parts was being given some new language for identifying things in myself. Really looking forward to how it continues to settle in."
-C.W., California

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