Clarkinia Astrology


What can I expect?

Your reading is entirely confidential. I will be honest and upfront about what I see. You can ask specific questions or do a generalized reading. Readings bring to light those things you feel at dusk & dawn, fleeting revelations that spark as you are falling asleep or just waking up. I offer guidance on how to listen to & follow your intuition, and leverage your life patterns and conditions to help you achieve the things you need to do before this life is over.

Will you tell my future?

Your reading is about this moment in time, which includes what you carry from the past as well as the energy you put towards future results. An intuitive reading is more of a house-cleaning, realigning and charging up in this present moment. I give insight into where you are headed and what is waiting for you. I do not tell you a definite inescapable future or decide big life decisions for you. I will point to keys, but it is up to you to search out and unlock the doors.

Do you give legal, medical or financial advice?

That’s what lawyers, doctors and and accountants are for. To an extent, I can see where an alarm is going off, and help move some energetic blockages, but it is up to you to have the daily discipline if you are trying to change the physical world with spiritual or holistic techniques. Even though relaxation and self awareness can lead to health, balance and attract harmonic situations/ relationships, psychic vibes can only go so far when it comes to fixing a broken arm or drafting an affidavit.

What is Tarot and Astrology?

Tarot and Astrology systems are well-trodden, deeply grooved and ever-evolving maps of the human senses and conduits of spirit for the human body. A tarot/ astrology reading is a cross between poetry, psychology, break beats and prayer.

What is a Tarot or Astrology reading?

A tarot reader is sort of like a chef, offering a service you can do for yourself, or that your friends can do for you, but then sometimes you want to order a dish off a menu. For example, when I go out to eat at a good restaurant, it inspires my whole way thinking about food and stays with me for a while, changing my way of cooking and eating. I may not agree with everything, but I play with and keep the things that make sense to me. Same with when I see a spiritual advisor: the things they see and offer new perspective on, their spiritual/life techniques and the way they remix energetic relationships… I weave these things into my life in my own way.

How can I get a reading?

1) Set up your appointment
2) Make your payment to confirm the reservation
3) Arrive 10 minutes early for a free meditation session before your reading